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About Sierra Molecular Corporation

Sierra Molecular Corporation is the manufacturer of an unique, patented pre-analytical ambient temperature biological sample preservation technology. We continue to develop, innovate, test, and refine, both in-house and by independent lab validation.

Sierra Molecular Corporation has developed strategic partnerships with the academic, public, and private sectors to continually advance the applications of our products. AssayAssure has been utilized in multiple studies and has been cited in more than 60 published, peer reviewed journal articles.

While there are only a handful of competitors, none of their products maintain samples as long at ambient temperatures (4 to +21 days). No competing products are as flexible on sample matrices, target analytes, and platforms. While AssayAssure is soluble and non-toxic, many competing products are toxic, viscous, and hard to mix.

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Our Products

Our products are used in the public and private sector by large corporations and independent firms. Product formats are fully customized according to research protocols and client needs. If the desired product format is not listed below, please contact us for a personalized quote. Due to the exacting, specialized products we do not offer on-line purchasing at this time. Please go to the Ordering tab for information on placing an order or to ask any questions. We look forward to assisting you.

SDS Hemolock

Added to the AssayAssure® line to create a sample transport media for blood. Testing can...

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SDS Multilock

Provides a sample preservation and a transport medium for cells, tissue, saliva, feces, and skin...

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SDS Genelock

The first product introduced by Sierra Molecular, Genelock was designed to preserve urine samples for...

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Our Technology

Sierra Molecular’s AssayAssure® products stabilize human and bacterial cells, viruses, and intracellular targets over extended time periods without freezing or refrigeration. AssayAssure® was designed to inhibit the action of a series of 31 enzyme families known to degrade nucleic acids. Our preservatives negate the effects of nucleases and neutralize substances which inhibit amplification within the samples matrix. This enables extraction and replication of labile RNA and DNA


Collection and Transport Systems for the Stabilization of RNA and DNA

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Utilizing AssayAssure® biological sample preservatives for ambient

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