Sierra Molecular AssayAssure® Technology

Collection and Transport Systems for the Stabilization of RNA and DNA

Prolongs Cell Viability

FEATURE: Slows down the reproduction and destruction of bacteria. Slows down cellular metabolism.

BENEFIT: Minimizes the release of enzymes that destroy genetic targets. Prolongs cell viability.

Neutralizes Sample

FEATURE: Inhibits enzymes and proteins.

BENEFIT: Improves Amplification.

Normalizes pH

FEATURE: Provides a safer environment for the sample target.

BENEFIT: Enhances preservation during transportation and storage. Aids in detection of low prevalence targets.


FEATURE: Built-in “Buffer System” mitigates freeze/thaw damage that occurs during short & long term storage.

BENEFIT: Added protection against labile nucleic acids.

Multiplex Testing

FEATURE: Allows for simultaneous testing of multiple targets.

BENEFIT: Testing multiple targets reduces costs and saves time.

Sample Quality Assurance

FEATURE: Offers superior sample protection and reduces “re-testing” of samples in the “Gray Zone.”

BENEFIT: Saves on the cost and time needed to re-collect, re–ship, and re-test.

Transportation Simplicity

FEATURE: Enables instant stabilization of sample with NO need to refrigerate or freeze samples during transportation.

BENEFIT: Savings! Eliminate cold chain storage and logistic costs (packaging materials, overnight fees, ice, labeling). Sample assurance if transportation issue occurs.

All AssayAssure products are for Research Use Only. These products are not for use in diagnostic procedures.