Utilizing AssayAssure® biological sample preservatives for ambient temperature sample transport rather than dry ice and cold pack shipping has many benefits:

    • Cost analysis studies have resulted in a 70% – 80% cost-savings for our clients. Even a small research study can save thousands of dollars by using our patented sample transport mediums.
    • No concerns with continuous cold-chain storage from sample collection to arrival at laboratory.
    • AssayAssure® does not cause damage associated with the freeze-thaw cycle, unlike dry ice.
    • Usually dry ice shipments must be received within 48 hours of collection and packing. AssayAssure extends this sample receipt window 4 to 10+ days after collection.
    • AssayAssure® is ideal for remote research situations, or when logistics prevent quick access to dry ice and airports to ship samples.
    • Without the added weight and space taken up by dry ice and packaging, hundreds of samples preserved in AssayAssure can be shipped in one box.
    • National and international overnight shipments are not necessary, thus greatly reducing freight costs.


All AssayAssure products are for Research Use Only. These products are not for use in diagnostic procedures.