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Sierra Molecular Corporation is the manufacturer of a patented pre-analytical ambient temperature biological sample preservation technology. We continue to develop, innovate, test, and refine, both in-house and by independent lab validation.

Sierra Molecular Corporation has developed strategic partnerships with the academic, public, and private sectors to continually advance the applications of our products. AssayAssure has been utilized in multiple studies and has been cited in more than 60 published, peer-reviewed journal articles.


While there are only a handful of competitors, none of their products maintain samples as long at ambient temperatures (4 to +21 days). No competing products are as flexible on sample matrices, target analytes, and platforms. While AssayAssure is soluble and non-toxic, many competing products are toxic, viscous, and hard to mix. Our preservatives are non kit-specific and contain no PCR amplification inhibitors while other brands work only with specific test kits and inhibit amplification or downstream testing.

All AssayAssure products are for Research Use Only. These products are not for use in diagnostic procedures.