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Sierra Molecular AssayAssure® Technology

Collection and Transport Systems for the Stabilization of RNA and DNA

Prolongs Cell Viability

FEATURE: Slows down the reproduction and destruction of bacteria. Slows down cellular metabolism.

BENEFIT: Minimizes the release of enzymes that destroy genetic targets. Prolongs cell viability.

Neutralizes Sample

FEATURE: Inhibits enzymes and proteins.

BENEFIT: Improves Amplification.

Normalizes pH

FEATURE: Provides a safer environment for the sample target.

BENEFIT: Enhances preservation during transportation and storage. Aids in detection of low prevalence targets.


FEATURE: Built-in “Buffer System” mitigates freeze/thaw damage that occues during short & long term storage.

BENEFIT: Added protection against labile nucleic acids.

Sample Title

FEATURE: Enables instant stabilization of sample with NO need to refrigerate or freeze samples during transportation.

BENEFIT: Savings! Eliminate cold chain storage and logistic costs (Packaging materials, overnight fees, ice, labeling). Sample assurance if transportation issue occurs.

Multiplex Testing

FEATURE: Allows for simultaneous testing of multiple targets.

BENEFIT: Testing multiple targets reduces costs and saves time.

Sample Quality Assurance

FEATURE: Offers superior example protection and reduces “re-testing” of samples in the “Gray Zone.”

BENEFIT: Saves on the cost and time needed to re-collect, re–ship, and re-test.


All AssayAssure products are for Research Use Only.  These products are not for use in diagnostic procedures.