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AssayAssure® Product Line

Expect more from your sample preservative

Sample degradation is an unwelcome phenomenon that introduces variability to your studies. Our products provide the highest level of sample preservation that is second only to eliminating degradation itself.

The patented AssayAssure® line of products keep your samples as close as possible to how they were at the moment of collection. We do this better and for a longer period of time than any other preservative on the market.


Provides a sample preservation and a transport medium for cells, tissue, saliva, feces, and skin…


The first product introduced by Sierra Molecular, Genelock was designed to preserve urine samples for…


The newest in the AssayAssure® product line, Envirolock works with various environmental…

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Our products are used in the public and private sector by large corporations and independent firms. If your desired product format is not available in our online store, please request a personalized quote here. All AssayAssure® products are for Research Use Only.